FAQs & Rental Policies
 Q. Is there an age limit to rent an            
 RV or Travel Trailer? 

 A. Yes. All drivers must be 25 years          
 of age.

 Q. How does Insurance work? 

 A. You can contact your insurance company, and ask them if your plan covers a motor home you are renting, they  have to also cover Loss of Use. Make sure to be clear you are renting a motor home and not purchasing it. You will  need to provide us with a Binder from your insurance company showing the motor home you are renting has full  coverage for the dates you have it.
 Q. Can we go to Canada? 

 A. Yes. You can go to Canada, Alaska, and anywhere within the Continental US. The only travel restriction is NO travel  into Mexico.
 Q. Do we need any special documents to go into Canada? 

 A. No. We license all RVs to be able  to travel into Canada. You are  automatically provided all  necessary documentation just in  case your path leads you there.  Don't forget your passport or  enhanced drivers license!

 Q. Can I take my dog? 

 A. Yes, but pets are on an approval  basis only. You must speak with us 
 first, and we must provide you  consent to take  your pet. We ask all  pet owners to follow the "invisible  pet" rule. This means when you  return the RV there is no sign a  pet  has been in there. We ask that you  are courteous of the next renter and  don't allow your dog to urinate or  destroy  anything in the RV. We c  collect a $350 pet deposit, and if the  RV is returned with no sign of your  pet, you get your $350  back. 

 Q. What happens if I don't dump the tanks or fill up the Propane? 

 A. You will be charged a $150 dump  and tank cleaning fee and a $75  Propane refill fee. ______________________________

 Q. How many miles can I travel? 

 A. As far as your heart desires!  While there are a certain amount of  miles included in your rental,  anything over those  included miles  are $.30 per mile. Included mileage  is as follows: 3-night rental includes  300 miles, 4-night rental  includes  400 miles.
 Q. Can I drop off the RV on holidays? 

 A. We are not open on Memorial  Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. We  do not offer pick up on these days,  and if you  need to drop the RV off  on these days, you are responsible    for the RV until we return to the  office on the first working  day after  the holiday. This means that if the  RV gets vandalized or broken into,  you are responsible.
 Q. What happens if I break down? 

 A. We hope this doesn't happen  since our RVs are brand new and we  are very detailed in our service, but  if it does, we  have a help line for  you to call. We will determine what  course of action to take depending  on the problem you are  having.
 Q. Do we get our full Damage  Deposit back? 

 A. We collect a mandatory $75  cleaning fee. IF the unit requires  more extensive cleaning inside and  out, it is $50 per  hour after the first  hour.

 Q. What if we are late picking up or  dropping off our RV/Trailer, is there  a fee? 

 A. RV rental and return are at  Eastside RV Rentals, LLC only,  unless prior agreement has been  made between the  renter(s) and  the company. All rentals must be  returned by the time agreed at the  time of booking as we have a very  small window for turnaround time  during peak rental months. A late  rental fee will be charged at a rate  no less than  $50 per hour for every  hour or part of after the agreed  time. There is NO refund for early  returns. If you wish to extend  the  Rental Period, you must return the  Vehicle to our rental office for  inspection and written amendment  by us  before the due-in date. If the  vehicle is returned after closing  hours, you remain responsible for  the loss of and any  damage to the  Vehicle until we inspect it upon our  next opening for business, and  Charges may continue to accrue.    Service to the Vehicle or  replacement parts or accessories  during the rental must have our  prior written approval. 

 Q. Is smoking allowed in the RV’s?
 A. No smoking is allowed in any of our RV’s. Smoke odor will result in an immediate forfeiture of your damage deposit.

 Q. Is there any special equipment I should have for my car?

 A. For travel trailer rentals your vehiclemust be equipped with a power brake controller and have 7 round standard RV wiring with flat pins. Optional equipment to ease the towing burden on your vehicle include weight distribution hitches, and sway control. Some people also use extended mirrors to increase visibility behind the towed trailer. 
It is important to be aware of your vehicle’s maximum tongue weight capacity as well. This will ensure you are not towing a RV that is unsafe for your vehicle.

 Q. Can I borrow someone’s tow vehicle?

 A. Borrowing a vehicle is a very common scenario when renting an RV. With proper verification, yes you may borrow a tow vehicle. Typical requirements would be letter of authorization from the vehicles registered owner, the owners insurance, a release from the owners insurance agency authorizing a permissive user of the vehicle, and that their policies liability coverage extends back to a rented towed travel trailer for vacation purposes.

Towing, roof storage, and sitting or standing on top of a rental unit is NOT ALLOWED at ANY time. Evidence of this violation will result in the rental customer’s forfeit of his or her Security Deposit.

Malfunctions of Stove, Fridge, AC, TV, VCR, DVD (if applicable), Fans and Small Appliances, Batteries, Water pumps, Water heaters or Generators are NOT considered mechanical breakdowns and will not result in compensation but MUST be reported to Eastside RV Rentals LLC as soon as possible. Awnings are very susceptible to wind and must be put down each night and during the day if it is windy.

Please note that we do not supply adapters. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they have the right connections for their electrical/generator hook ups.
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